Mr. Sanjiv Malhan
Mr. Manish Malhan
Mr. Rajiv Malhan


"Each project must forge a unique relationship with the target segment it seeks to serve. Using design and technology to enhance that connect and thus build a unique value for the buyer is an essential business skill in today's environment.

This what differentiates every Malhan development."


Communication and business strategy is Rajiv Malhan's forte. Heading the Sales and Marketing function at Malhan, Rajiv has astutely developed a fine understanding of the balance between design and commerce that makes each Malhan property development an astounding commercial success.

His finger smartly poised on the buyer's pulse and market trends give Malhan an edge when it comes to creating spaces that appeal to the differing consumers that Malhan caters to. A Bachelor's in Commerce as well as a Master's in Business Administration, with a specialization in Marketing, backed by eight solid years of strong industry experience have empowered him to procure and sell some of the most outstanding projects of the group.

Rajiv's business acumen and excellent marketing skills make him an invaluable asset to Malhan and a critical component in project procurement and business development planning.