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Our spaces are sculpted to inspire joy and harmony in everyday living. It plays a decisive role in how we interact with our family, our colleagues and with our community. It can conserve our energies and help us lead a more productive life, it is perhaps one of the most important reason why some of us are happier and more successful. Inspired by such a holistic perspective in space, Malhan seeks to create living space solution that engage and connect with the person using that space, thus adding value to the dynamic of the space as well as enhancing experience for the user.

The Founder Chairman Mr. D. D. Malhan started this company four decades ago with a unique vision to create distinctive spaces. As a real estate developer specializing in quality boutique development with focus on design and aesthetics, Malhan has garnered a reputation for creating distinctive living spaces that are timeless and classic yet modern and appealing.


Mr. D. D. Malhan
Mr. Rajiv Malhan



Mr. RS Dhawan

“We are living in a Malhan building for the last 10 years. No tension, no problems. We are happy with our home and a couple of our close friends and relatives have also bought from them.”

Mr Rajesh Aneja, USA

“I was reluctant to buy property in India. We looked at various options but I was not convinced. Then my sister-in-law bought an apartment from Malhan. She was so happy with it that she convinced us. Now we own a Malhan apartment and we were very happy with the whole process.”

Mr. VK Mahindra

“It was a little more expensive than the others. But now I am glad. The fittings and fixtures are good quality like the tiles and the flooring and lights etc. so it is easy to maintain. Also, we bought a flat in Goa from them.”

Anil Jain, Jain Properties

“I have handled Malhan properties for last twenty years. My father knew Mr. DD Malhan. It’s a very trusted company. What they say, they deliver so the customer does not find fault with us and complain later.”

Dr. Rajesh Chawla

“Our friend bought a flat in Delhi last year and had some horror stories about FAR regulations! Also the builder had not provided an adequate underground water storage tank as he had built a basement. So when my school friend recommended Malhan we were very careful. But we are so thankful we bought from them.”

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